Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

At Miracle IT Consulting Inc we are focused on providing Digital Transformation consultation to enable business growth. One of the Digital Transformation services we provide is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This includes smooth implementation, upgrading, customizations and training, when needed.

The ERP systems we provide are Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This post will focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) and its benefits. D365BC is an all-in-one ERP business management system that includes financial management, supply chain automation, customer service enhancement, and improved budgeting.

The following is a list of five ways how D365BC will help your business prosper:

  1. Improve your Financial Management: D356BC enables you to manage your financials with higher efficiency and accuracy. This also allows for quick and smooth financial close and reporting in general while ensuring compliance. This increased financial management accuracy and speed will improve the precision of your financial forecasts and thus, will empower you to make more well-versed decisions.
  2. Automate and secure your supply chain: Automate and Secure your supply chain with increase visibility of inventory needs; giving you better control of the purchasing and selling process so that you do not experience inventory surplus or shortage that will negatively affect sales. D365BC also can be set up in order to remind you to pay vendors and use vendor discounts to ensure you are not charged late payment penalties. It also allows you to set up payment approval workflows to prevent unneeded purchases.
  3. Sell smarter and improve customer service: Business Central has a built-in tracking system to simplify the process of turning a prospect into a customer. Customer interactions will help you predict customers’ future behaviour and needs to ensure their experience with your company is unmatched. This in turn creates a faster quote to cash process because D365BC allows you to act fast and proactively to maximize sales and profitability.
  4. Keep Projects on time and under budget: Tracking capabilities, job costing and reporting built-in to D365BC empowers your business to work while staying on budget. Automation of the supply chain and the reporting abilities allow you to plan your resources and sales with diligence. Also, the reporting capabilities allows you to analyze performance with the use of real-time insights on profitability and resource-usage.
  5. Optimize Operations: Use real-time insights and forecasts to create production plans and generate purchase orders automatically. Tracking inventory count as well as movement accurately allows you to run your warehouse in an efficient manner through the complete image of your warehouse and its’ needs.

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