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What We Offer


Lean Enterprise Solutions

Implementation, Integration & Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 products.

Our Change Management Process

The Miracle ERP Implementation Process is founded on having a direct line of communication between business and development and our consultants excel at internalizing your business, operations and culture. We understand that your business process should dictate your technology solution and empower the people who use it.

ERP initiatives are primarily human-driven change management projects that aim to increase company capabilities via the integration of people, process, and technology solution aspects.

Traditional Implementation

Design, Development and part of the Deployment stages are replaced with the Miracle Agile Process with direct and continual feedback to better match the user’s workflow and prevent obsolete development.

Miracle Implementation

The Miracle Agile Process includes User Acceptance Testing and Training, making Deployment and Operation stages faster and more successful.

Miracle consultants build specialized ERP implementation plans for every client. Our experience has taught us that dedicated plans not only meet client needs better, but also accelerate the implementation process.

Our Lean ERP Enterprise Solutions process, developed over countless projects, delivers impactful results. Intelligence and insights are more meaningful, communication tools have better utilization rates and most importantly the transition is much faster. There is no such thing as a standard, repeatable ERP project and every project differs on both a business and human level.

Major Changes & StrategicShifts

After implementation, Miracle observes and watches the performance of your system. Ensuring the system performs as expected, we will fulfill any changes you request. Going forward, we look to build partnerships with all our clients to help them reach their technical goals and service the system we implemented. It is not unusual for the needs of the business and the required system features to evolve and change over time. Our contingency strategies incorporate and take into account such scenarios through diligent discoveries. Once implementation takes place through cycles, we keep you in the loop through regular consultations to deliver the project on time and within budget.

In-Depth Industry Expertise

We dedicate an entire array of resources to complete and implement your project. We allocate consultants that match your industry sector, project complexities, and personality to suit your organization. Other technical and non-technical experts aid our consultants with the intention of securing a successful outcome. We offer a fine balance to ensure Miracle and your organization are in harmony with each and that we work as a team to complete the project.

Custom System Integration

Miracle will integrate with other systems and applications from major providers to optimize communications to ensure your organization stays at the top. We maintain your position by keeping you updated with the means to improve the system infrastructure and processes. These integrations allow your company to use systems to the maximum and get work done effectively. Full integration is provided with apps such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Bespoke Business Intelligence

Bespoke development to meet your unique requirements; after all, not every business is the same. Miracle will fine comb your business to understand and appreciate the functions to deliver solutions that fit the requirements perfectly. BI and Power Platform units are built and utilized to the max to create bots and virtual solutions that simplify operations. All this while taking advantage of the power offered by cloud technology, making it easier and faster to access your data.


Miracle will offer your company full support before, during, and after implementing the project. Our experienced consultants find your every need before undertaking arrangement, and during the implementation, we communicate the progress in fine detail. Following the implementation, we fulfill all the vital testing metrics to confirm the project's success. Aftercare is provided to ensure the system remains robust and performs to meet your high expectations.